Personal life

Your personal situation influences your pension. With any change it is important to think about the consequences for your pension.

  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Divorce
  • Move
  • Decease


Are you married prior to the AOV retirement age? In that case your partner receives a partner pension in the event of your death.


You do not have to inform the pension fund about the birth of a child, as this does not influence your pension. In the event of your death your children may be entitled - under certain conditions - to an orphan's pension. If you die, the pension fund will contact the surviving relatives.


If your marriage is terminated, your ex-partner will be entitled to the partner pension that you have accrued during the marriage. This is known as special partner pension. Your ex-partner receives the special partner pension if you die. You can also make other arrangements with your ex-partner. During your marriage, you can do this by notarial deed. At the divorce, you can make other arrangements via the judge's divorce decree. You need to inform the Pension Fund about this and send a copy of the formal agreements between you and your ex-partner (divorce agreement).


You always need to inform the Pension Fund in writing about your move. Go to contact for the postal address.


In the event of your death, your surviving dependants must always inform the Pension Fund in writing.