Private saving

Private saving is a way to save for extra pension, for example to retire earlier or to increase your pension. PCN does not offer the possibility for extra savings besides your pension.

There are plenty of alternatives to save for extra pension. You can save money yourself, invest money, take out an insurance, or repay your mortgage loan (so that you will have more money left when your house has been paid off). 
It is advisable to look for the best option for you, for example with a financial advisor.


You can take out an annuity insurance or a single premium policy. For an annuity insurance you pay a monthly premium. For a single premium policy you deposit an amount at once.
After a period you will receive a payment from the insurance company that you can use as an extra income. You can opt for a temporary payment or a payment for life.

There are conditions attached to the form and the duration of the payment, so ask your insurance company or financial advisor about it.