Almost retired

Six month before you reach your retirement age, you will receive a letter from Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) about the commencement of your pension. You will also receive various forms. After you have submitted the completed and signed forms, PCN will make sure that as from your retirement age you will receive pension each month.
PCN uses the same retirement age as the AOV age by the government which is age 65.

Retire earlier 
If you want to retire earlier, you will receive a lower pension benefit. This is because your accrual has been over a shorter period of time and the accrued pension will be paid out for a longer period of time.
If you want to stop working earlier, please contact one of our offices to arrange this.

Retire later 

You can also defer your retirement (in consultation with your employer and provided that you continue working) after the AOV retirement age, but ultimately with 5 years. Deferral of your pension benefit can result in a considerably higher pension income. Your pension benefit starts later and is paid out over a shorter period.

If you want to retire later, you can indicate this on the form we send you six months before you reach the retirement age.