Your pension

You are accruing pension with the PCN pension fund or have done so in the past. As a participant or former participant of PCN you are entitled to:

  • Income for the future: this is your retirement pension and starts on the state retirement age (AOV: Dutch abbreviation).
  • Income for your surviving dependents in the event of your death: this is the partner pension and orphan’s pension.
  • Income in the event of occupational disability: this is the disability pension.

Income for the future 

From the government: AOV

The age on which you are entitled to AOV depends on the year in which you were born:
Before January 1, 1953 age 60
1953 age 62
1954 age 63
1955 age 64
As of January 1, 1956 age 65

Please visit for more information.

From your pension fund: retirement pension

You receive the pension from your pension fund in addition to the AOV.
The start date of your PCN pension is equal to the AOV age.
As of your retirement date you receive a monthly pension benefit from your pension fund. This is a lifelong pension benefit.

Pension for surviving dependents

From the government: AWW (Dutch abbreviation)

In the event of your death, your partner and/or children may be entitled to a state benefit from the government. This is arranged through the Widow and Orphan’s Benefit Act (AWW). Your partner is responsible for applying for these benefits with the Dutch Caribbean government department. This organization implements the AWW on behalf of the government. Please visit for more information.

From your pension fund: surviving dependent’s pension

When you accrue your retirement pension, you also accrue dependent’s and orphan’s pension for your surviving dependents.

The dependent’s and orphan’s pension is linked to the retirement pension that you could have reached if you had continued your participation in the pension plan until the retirement age.
Please visit dependent’s and orphan’s pension for more information.

Your income in the event of occupational disability

From the government: sickness benefit

If you become occupationally disabled due to illness, you are entitled to sick pay after the third day of reporting ill up to a maximum of two years (civil servants four years). The BES medical insurance is administered by the Dutch Caribbean government department.

From your pension fund: disability pension

In the event of permanent disability for the job, you may be entitled to a disability pension after the period mentioned above (under certain circumstances). Please visit the page changes in your work - Occupational disability for more information.