You receive a pension

On this page you will find practical information about your pension.

Payment dates

From the moment you are entitled to pension, you will receive your pension at the end of each month. Your pension is deposited on your bank account on the 21st of the month at the latest. If you have not received your pension after the 21st, please contact us. 

Pension specification

At the start of your pension you receive a specification of your net pension. PCN deducts and remits the required tax wages and contributions. This also includes the AOV that you receive on the BES islands. We have made this arrangement with the tax authorities. It prevents that you have to pay additional taxes afterwards. 

Each year in January you receive a pension specification for that year. It includes the new tax-free amount and the occupational disability amounts.
Is there a change in the amount of your benefit? Then you will always receive a new specification.

Final date benefit

The retirement pension is a lifelong benefit and stops on the last day of the month in which you pass away. Each year PCN asks for proof that you are still alive. For this purpose we send you the form 'Bewijs van in leven zijn' (life certificate).

Always fully complete this form and have it signed by a competent authority, such as:

  • a municipal civil servant
  • the Dutch consulate
  • a police official
  • a civil-law notary
Other authorities are not competent.

Please note that you have to send us the form each year. If not, the payment of your pension will stop.
The pension is only paid after receipt of the form. The outstanding months are paid in one amount. Please note that this may have consequences for your net pension since we are bound by the tax rules of the Dutch Caribbean Tax Authorities.

Annual statement

If you are retired, PCN will send you an annual statement. This includes exactly how much pension you have received in the previous year, and the tax amounts and health insurance contribution that have been deducted. The annual statement can be used for your tax declaration. PCN aims to send the annual statement in February of each year.


If you move, you have to inform PCN in writing or in one of our offices.
You can also receive your pension abroad. Depending on the country in which you live, you pay taxes in the Dutch Caribbean region or not. Please contact the Tax Authorities for more information on +599 717 8333.

Commutation of pension

Is the value of your accrued retirement pension lower than a certain minimum on the day you retire? Then you will receive your entire pension in a lump-sum payment. In that case there is no entitlement to a monthly benefit. 

As of January 1, 2020 the following minimum gross annual amounts apply:
  • USD 11,606, if you live in Bonaire;
  • USD 1,593, if you live in Sint Eustatius;
  • USD 1,580, if you live in Saba;
  • USD 1,580, if you live outside the BES islands.