Partner and orphans pension

Dependent’s and orphan’s pension

What are the arrangements for your family members in the event of your death? Please read about it below.

AWW benefit from the government

If you pass away your partner and/or children may be entitled to a state benefit. This is laid down in the Widows and Orphans Benefits Act (Dutch abbreviation: AWW). Your partner needs to apply for these benefits with the Dutch Caribbean government department (RCN). The RCN is the organization that administers the AWW on behalf of the government. Go to for additional information.

Dependent’s pension from your pension fund

For the partner

If you pass away during participation in the pension plan and if you are married at that moment, your partner will receive a lifelong dependent’s pension from PCN. This pension is equal to 70% of the projected retirement pension. This is the pension that you could have reached, had you continued your participation in the pension plan until the retirement date.

What if you pass away after the retirement date? Then your partner will receive 70% of the retirement pension.
Are you not retired yet, but do you no longer accrue pension with PCN? Then your partner will receive 70% of the already accrued retirement pension if you pass away.

For the children

Your child(ren) will receive an orphan’s pension until they are 21 years old (students and children with disabilities until they are 25 years old) if they meet the applicable requirements.
Children you were legally obliged to support, or foster child(ren) are also entitled to orphan’s pension under certain conditions. 

Is your child married or has he or she been married? Then he or she is not entitled to orphan’s pension.
The orphan’s pension is 14% of the retirement pension. If the child does not have parents anymore after you pass away, the orphan’s pension is 28% of the retirement pension.

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