PCN invests the premiums that you and your employer contribute to your pension. This allows us to grow your pension savings. Investments involve allocating funds to assets such as businesses or governments, which can yield profits but also incur losses. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on our investments while being mindful not to take excessive risks. We base the development of your pension on a long-term horizon, acknowledging that economic conditions can fluctuate favorably and unfavorably over time. This perspective also informs our investment strategy.

This is how we invest

PCN’s investments are divided into three groups. The first group is dedicated to accumulating sufficient funds to cover pension payouts. This constitutes nearly half of our investment portfolio and consists of U.S. government bonds. This choice is made because the pension fund disburses pensions in dollars. Government bonds have a long-term duration with a fixed interest rate. These investments are characterized by a low level of risk.”

In addition, there is the group with which we aim to generate additional returns to support pension enhancements. This constitutes approximately 50% of our investments. Within this category, we invest in equities from Europe, the United States, and in other emerging markets. These equity investments entail a slightly higher level of risk. However, it is important to note that they also offer the potential for higher returns. 

Additionally, we allocate approximately 5% of our assets to local investments on Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius

Return over the past 3 years


2023                      2022



Total portfolio return

9,9%              -/- 20,67%



Socially responsible investing

PCN considers it imperative that your pension funds experience substantial growth. However, we are committed to achieving this in a sustainable manner while also supporting the local economy, prioritizing the well-being of people, the environment, and society. Therefore, the companies we invest in, whether on an international or local scale, must adhere to a set of minimum standards. These standards encompass responsible practices in environmental stewardship, social conditions, and governance. PCN does not invest in companies engaged in the production, maintenance, or trade of controversial weapons. Here you’ll see how PCN makes its investments more sustainable.

Allocation of Investment Portfolio

PCN aims to make a significant societal contribution as an investor. Therefore, we have a responsible investment policy in place. For example, PCN does not invest in companies that perform poorly in terms of sustainability. PCN also considers the societal impact of our investments. We do this by incorporating sustainability into every decision we make. Here you can see the allocation in our investment portfolio. 

International investments

Internationally, we primarily invest in equities and bonds in developed countries. We allocate investments in equities from Europe, North America, Japan, the Pacific region, and emerging markets while considering sustainability factors. Additionally, we invest in low-risk U.S. government bonds, corporate bonds with a slightly higher risk profile, and sovereign bonds from emerging economies.


PCN invests in a straightforward manner by utilizing diversified baskets of stocks and bond assets. These baskets comprise stocks and bonds that are spread across various countries and sectors, effectively diversifying risks. Professional fund managers continually oversee and maintain these investments.

Investments at Bonaire, St. Eustatius en Saba

Local and sustainable developments are a focal point for us. Since 2017, we have been actively engaged in local investments. We invest in local projects or provide loans for such initiatives through our subsidiary, the Caribbean Netherlands Investment Company (CNIC). Explore our local investments here.

This is how we operate

PCN manages a portfolio exceeding 560 million USD for more than 7,000 participants, representing a substantial sum. Consequently, we exercise great care in managing our investments. Every three to five years, PCN conducts comprehensive research into the future developments of the pension fund. Based on this research, we formulate our long-term investment policy. Additionally, we create an investment plan for each year and proceed accordingly. Both the board and our review committee oversee the effective execution of the plan.  

Learn more
If you would like to learn more about our investments, please refer to the investments chapter in our annual report. You can find it here.

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Kaya General Carlos Manuel Piar #5, Bonaire
T +599 416 68 60



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