Key figures

20.304 The pension regulations contant some key figures. These figuress are established by the board eacht year. It concerns±

  • The allowances                                                                                                                                                                 If the financial position of PCN is sufficient, the accrued pensions and the pension benefits are adjusted to the increased cost of living.
  • The contribution for the pension accrual
    The employer and the employee together pay contribution for the accrual of the pension. This contribution is a percentage of the pensionable earnings (the maximum pensionable salary minus the offset)


Offset (Franchise) $ 20,304
Maximum pensionable salary $ 49,756
Contribution employer 30,4% of the pensionable earnings
Contribution employee 15,2% of the pensionable earnings
Total contribubion 45,6% of the pensionable earnings


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