in your personal life

Your personal situation affects your pension. When the following life events take place, it is important that you consider the consequences for your pension.

  • Moving
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Divorce
  • Decease


Always inform PCN in writing when you are moving. That way, we can contact you when necessary. For example to send you your pension statement or the forms to start your pension. You can also visit one of our offices.


Are you getting married before your AOV pension age? Then your partner will be entitled to dependant’s pension if you pass away. Please provide PCN of the marriage date and your partner’s data


If you have a child, you do not have to inform PCN. The birth of a child does not affect your pension. If you pass away, your children may, under certain conditions, may be entitled to an orphan’s pension. If you pass away, PCN must be informed. PCN will then contact your surviving relatives.


If your marriage ends, your ex partner is entitled to the dependant’s pension that was accrued during the marriage. This is called ‘special dependant’s pension’. If you pass away, your ex partner will receive the special dependant’s pension.
However, during the marriage you can make different agreements about pension at the notary. Also regarding a divorce. These agreements will be included in a divorce agreement. Always inform PCN of your divorce in writing. PCN requires you to submit the formal agreements (the divorce agreement) in the event of a divorce.


If you pass away, your surviving relatives always have to inform PCN in writing. More information can be found here decease.

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Kaya General Carlos Manuel Piar #5, Bonaire
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